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Kian Behsam Chemie Group is a private distributing company for pharmaceutical raw material, licensed by the Iranian Ministry of Health. As an innovative and dynamic organization, our main focus is trading of well-documented active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), excipients and drug intermediates.



The pharmaceutical industry continues to be challenged with successful new drug development as the global pharmaceutical market and the discovery of new drug entities grow increasingly more complex. To address these complexities, we have developed a wide collection of functional active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to optimize our contribution in this sensitive and challenging industry.

Our top-quality excipients have been created to address various challenges, offering value to the drug development phase, as well as adding value to the end drug product. These values and benefits include the stability improvement of the API, increased bioavailability, improved taste profiles, enhanced drug delivery, and improved gelatin capsule stability to name but a few. Ultimately, these benefits will decrease your time to market and optimize the success of your overall drug formulation.

Our API intermediate products have helped clients businesses by scaling up its pharmaceutical products through the development of innovative processes and optimizing the production process thus, making it cost-efficient.

Our ingredients range from preservatives, sweeteners, raising agents, phosphates, thickeners, emulsifiers, starches & acidity regulators. Industries including drinks companies, bakeries, ice cream, confectionery, dairy, and beyond use these. So if you need ingredients for food, drink or anything in between, Kian Behsam has you covered.

We have wide range of unique pharmaceutical machineries and medical devices to procure innovative solutions that are best-in-class, robust, high performing and compliant to strict industrial standards for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. We also established partnerships with leading manufacturers of primary packaging and medical devices, offering unique advantages. We work with you to collaboratively develop and deliver Innovative Packaging Solutions that enhance and optimize our customers’ businesses and their brands.

We specialize in supplying sensitive plant-based ingredients through extraction with the use of extraction technology, which preserves the entire spectrum of sensitive top notes and bioactive substances of herbs and spices, e.g. antioxidants, natural flavours, essential oils and special fatty oils. Thus, supercritical botanical extracts from herbs and spices are a highly concentrated form of nature to enhance your natural cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, high-quality food supplements and premium food products.


At Kian Behsam Chemie you get an optimal solution for the complete logistics, documentation and proper delivery of goods.
Our storage facility located in Baharestan Industrial Zone enhances operational and delivery efficiency by applying proven processes for product safety, including redundant security measures and comprehensive SOPs.

The international market for pharmaceutical materials and products is complex and dynamic. KB Chemie helps producers and purchasers to avoid bad investments, to realize trends at the earliest possible time and to utilize distribution potential – especially with regards to the production of generic products – in a fast and decisive manner. In addition to consulting, we register fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals with Iran MOH to increase accessible choices for our valued customers.


From cost-optimised global sourcing of well-documented active ingredients, excipients and drug intermediates we support our clients throughout the entire API development process.
Comparator sourcing has become more challenging (e.g. due to regulatory restrictions) and time consuming.

KB Chemie can help to procure the necessary samples and the relevant product information in a quick and efficient way.
KB Chemie has access to many “difficult to source” reference products and takes care of all relevant activities like monitoring of product/batch availability, purchasing and shipment.


As KB Chemie profits from promising and important developments, we are keen to share this precious information and benefits with our clients.
KB Chemie tracks these developments carefully and is part of a dynamic network of numerous science labs, who analyse these active agent combinations.
Often, we motivate producers to manufacture those raw materials in quantities that match future demands. This enables pharma companies, on the basis of a serious ingredient dossier, to launch innovative pharma-products at the earliest time in their local markets.

The complexity of the international pharma market is heavily influenced by differences in the quality of the source chemicals, local laws and regulations as well as the requirements of the testing bodies and authorities.
Even the GMP testing standards differ enormously. KB Chemie helps every client submit an indisputable order – as it is required by the local GMP specifications, and the necessary quality with regards to the applied pharmacopoeia matching the latest edition.

KB Chemie purchases exclusively from manufacturers who are thoroughly tested and globally certified. Furthermore, we follow a regular quality testing procedure on-site on the basis of internal audits.

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